Sunday, 22 May 2011

Android App of the Week: Drag Racing

I am a proud owner of an HTC Wildfire, running on the Android Operating System. Yes, proud owner! On this blog I wish to post my favourite time wasting app of the week. Of course, this will nearly always be a game. This week, it's Drag Racing! This game has been around for a while as a browser based game, as far as I know. Racing games, or sports games in general, are admittedly not my forté and don't usually appeal to me. This game however, is fun and extremely addictive. Yes, I'll repeat that, extremely addictive. If you have something important to do today - I suggest avoiding this download. The game is basically a series of randomly generated drag races between you an an opponent, you can choose various difficulties and two different distances with varying rewards for a victory. You can also play online against others if you have a 3G or WiFi connection.

The races themselves are very simple. You begin by touching the accelerator to put your foot down, and then your only job will be to change gear at the right time and apply nitros strategically. You begin with a small amount of cash with which to purchase a car and tune it up a bit, and the aim of the game is to basically earn money and buy better cars and tune them up to be as good as possible. That's what I like about this game - it's very simple to play but has some strategic elements as well. This is exactly what I like to see in an app, something that can kill time and has a long life span. Games like the classic Doodle Jump are fun and addictive - but they lack any forms of progression. Each time you boot up Drag Race, you know you're going to make some progress towards that Veyron SS you always wanted.

Now I'm not going to lie - Android Apps are not as smooth as iOS apps. However, Drag Race appears to be remarkably smooth and well coded. There are no FPS issues such as the ones with iOS ports like Angry Birds. Better yet, this App is completely free to download from the Android Market and can be found here. Verdict below!

Gameplay: Addictive, simple and perfect for a touch-screen app - 10/10
Music: Sounds of car engines. What more would you ask for in this app? - 9/10
Graphics: Smooth and sleek, very surprising for an Android App - 7/10
Overall: 26/30

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