Saturday, 14 May 2011


The modern video games industry is vast and caters for a large variety of different audiences. From casual gamers playing the Sims and Peggle, to (forgive the stereotype) teenagers playing the annual installment of Call Of Duty, to hardcore gamers playing World of Warcraft, and even those seeking something a little bit out of the ordinary with Indie games. So, what is this blog for? Well, first I'll explain a little bit about myself. I'm 18, and currently living the joys of A-Level Business Studies and ICT. I really hope the sarcasm in that statement comes across. Fortunately I am now coming to the end of my A-Levels, and am hoping to go on to University to study Computer Game Development, Computer Game Programming, Games Computing and the rest of the plethora of names given to courses.

Put simply, I have a passion for video games. I want to use this blog to put across my views on the games I play through, and I like to think of myself as being rather critical of the industry. For this reason, I will not be posting about mainstream mammoths that lack creativity (i.e. Call Of Duty). I look for a certain differentiation in gameplay mechanics - or an imaginative storyline. As many of you will have already picked up on, I'm a big Final Fantasy fan. I grew up playing Final Fantasy games, and their storylines have become a part of my childhood. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the odd zombie fest and play Killing Floor, or a competitive game of Counter-Strike: Source. But notice, I like to avoid the mainstream wherever possible. This is because I feel the most creative and innovative games are often overlooked by the bulk of the industry in place for those that have already created a strong brand image. Those games everyone talks about and everyones playing. Anyway, I'll stop rambling here and leave this post at that. I hope to be making my first actual post soon, so stay tuned! I've always wanted to say that.

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