Thursday, 21 July 2011

Android App of the Week: Pumpkins Vs. Monsters

Puzzle Games. I begin with this simple statement because this genre is in fact my most hated. Admittedly, puzzle games work well as games for smartphones or iDevices, but they're just not for me. However, I am going to make an exception with this week's app of the week. Pumpkins Vs. Monsters is a Puzzle/Action game in which the player has their very own pumpkin garden, protected by what appear to be tree stumps. Pumpkins of various different colours grow in random spots in the garden, and the player has to gather them into sets of three or more. Once a set of three or more has been made, it can be fired at an oncoming horde of Monsters.

The art style is perfect for what the game tries to achieve.

The game has a very basic concept that, in my mind, creates almost a Puzzle and Strategy hybrid. As you progress through the many levels in storymode, the way in which you use the pumpkins you are given becomes ever more crucial. You have to be almost conservative over what you use, and not waste pumpkins that could be used to prevent the odd monster breaking through. A strategic player will make the best use of every single pumpkin they are given. This is a very simple concept that can be taken to extremes in terms of strategy if they player desires. Personally, I would like to see this concept expanded on as it has a lot more potential. The pumpkins are of course not the only weapon at the player's disposal, there is an ingame shop accessible between each level. The shop sells dynamite which can be used to throw at the oncoming horde, shields that can be used to repair the tree trunks protecting your garden should the monsters damage it, and pumpkin mines that can be used, as, well, mines. The player can also upgrade the pumpkins he has to improve their damage and effects. Different coloured pumpkins have different effects on the enemy when they hit. This shop adds yet another layer of strategy to the gameplay, as the player needs to be conservative with his/her money in order to succeed.

The game is completely free and comes with both a storymode and an arcade style endless mode, and the art style is humorous and light hearted. It runs perfectly smoothly on my HTC Wildfire, and I highly recommend it as a time killer. Rather a short review - but then the game is intended to be a time killer and I feel this is fitting for what it stands for. However, I did mention that it could be taken in a much more in-depth way than it is presented.

Gameplay: Easy to pick up and play - difficult to master - 8/10
Music: Light hearted and at times fairly eerie, fits well with the game - 7/10
Graphics: Great aesthetics, smooth and cartoon-like - 7/10
Overall: 22/30

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